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Volunteering for Tournament Games at SHJ

Sacred Heart Athletics depends on parent volunteers to support the hosting of tournament games in our home SHJ gym.  These tournament games range from SHJ fundraising tournaments like our annual SHJ Holiday Basketball Tournament in December, to the hosting of CSAL post-season tournament play.  In either circumstance, tournament play in our home gym is a benefit to our players and our program as it provides: significant fundraising for Athletics, the potential for our players to play in their home gym for important post-season games, and additional concession revenue to the program.  Thank you in advance for your support of Sacred Heart Athletics through your commitment to volunteer.  The benefits received by our players and our program through these tournament games create a significant return on investment for your much appreciated efforts.


1)      Go to: http://www.shjsports.org/

2)      Click on: Master Schedule (left-hand side)

3)      Click on Official's Login at the top right.

4)      Enter your: email and password (if you do not remember your password enter your mail only and your password will be emailed to you) and click Submit

5)      Go to the dates you want to volunteer by hitting Next or by using the week-by-week drop down at the top.

6)      Any game that needs volunteers will have a drop-down box that says ‘Not Assigned’ over to the right under the Ofl (Officials) column (next to Type column)

7)      Select the role you want (Book, Clock, Door, Food , Setup, Takedown).  Note – if role has been selected already, that role it will not appear in the drop down list.

8)      The role turns green and you are set.

9)      Go to another game and sign up again (and again, and again ...).
To see a schedule of the games you have volunteered for:
1)      Go to Volunteers Corner on the Home Page left-hand side.

2)      Click on My Schedule at the top.  This will show you all your volunteer slots. 

Click HERE to go to the Master Schedule and start volunteering.