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Open to all girls regardless of skill level or experience, this fun and educational camp focuses on volleyball fundamentals and learning the skills essential to the game.

All proceeds go to the SHJ Athletic Department.

Sacred Heart of Jesus Volleyball Camps focus on the fundamentals essential to playing the game at any level.  Like our basketball camps, our volleyball camps are all about Mastery of the Game.  At Sacred Heart we have always known that learning, developing, and mastering the fundamental skills of your sport is what creates progress and success.  It is that progress and success, no matter what the skill level, that fosters an inherent love and appreciation of the game.

Our camp is about learning how to play volleyball, every aspect from digging, to setting, to hitting, and more.  We teach the things that apply to EVERY volleyball player no matter the age, no matter the skill level, no matter the level of play.  We are serious about our volleyball, but, when you are doing something you love, you have fun doing it, and fun is a major part of every Sacred Heart Volleyball Camp.  Our directors and coaches have a combined 50+ years of YOUTH coaching experience, so we know how to teach the game to young players and have fun at the same time.  Whether it is the friendly matches, or the satisfaction of mastering a new skill or drill, your player will come home tired and smiling each night.

That's our goal for each and every one of our campers - work hard, master the game, and have fun doing it.  For us, we can't think of a better way to share our love of the game.